Mark Bahnisch writes:

I normally blog at Larvatus Prodeo, primarily on politics, but I also have interests in and practice around spirituality and culture. My work on religion doesn’t really fit neatly into the other spaces in which I write so I decided to create a new blog for my stuff on, well, religion, spirituality and politics.

I hope those of you interested in the intersections of the spiritual, the social and the political may find ‘Angelus Novus’ interesting. The name of the blog is inspired by a Paul Klee painting owned by the Jewish philosopher and writer Walter Benjamin. There’s a little about both here.

The header image is adapted under a Creative Commons licence from a lovely photo by eob on flickr. It shows Angeline Gragasin as the Angel of History in a Chicago play staged by National Headquarters, also called Angelus Novus.


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